Cable Removal

The consistent and proper removal of abandoned cabling has been a headache for property managers for decades.  Getting a program in place that efficiently addresses this issue as well as addresses whose financial responsibility it is or should be is a valuable part of an overall riser management program.

Since recent NEC (National Electrical Code) rulings have been adopted regarding this issue, the removal of abandoned or unidentified cabling has become mandatory particularly in plenum environments such as building hallways and tenant spaces.  Often tenants or property owners and managers deal with this issue on a case by case basis using various qualified or non-qualified vendors to get rid of legacy cabling that has built up over the years if not for decades.

Interested in Cable Removal Services?

While departing tenants abandoned cabling is often removed from the suite, their abandoned cabling and equipment is almost never removed from the buildings telco closet.  This results in generations of old and often not to code cabling and equipment that prevents further distribution of new services, code violations, and increased fire hazards.

Summit’s cable removal services can provide advice and relief for all property managers regarding this issue.  We can remove all abandoned cabling in accordance with NEC requirements, tag cabling, and install fire stops in risers as required by local fire and/or building codes.

Telco closet before restoration

Telco closet after restoration